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Treak Cliff Cavern

Treak Cliff Cavern is located in the heart of the Peak District National Park in Castleton. The cavern is famous worldwide for its vast deposits of Blue John stone. Visitors of the cavern can enjoy a guided tour of the mines and learn about the rich history surrounding the area. There is also a shop where you can purchase souvenirs and one-off pieces created with Blue John stone.

Guided Tour

The guided tours of the caves take around 40 minutes and are one of the main attractions at Treak Cliff Cavern. To get a glimpse of the Blue John stone in the caves you must be accompanied by one of the tour guides. On the guided tours you will learn about how the mines were formed and the traditional mining practices that date back to the 1750’s. During this time hand tools were used to extract the Blue John from the cliff. Your guide will explain how the Blue John stone is formulated in the cliff and the tour concludes with a view of the valley. You can turn up at Treak Cliff Cavern and join a tour on the day or book online to ensure you get a place on a tour at peak times.


The Blue John Experience is great way to learn in-depth about the history of Treak Cliff Cavern and for enthusiasts interested in mining this famous stone.

The Blue John Experience

This is a unique experience that is only available at Treak Cliff Cavern, discover the caves in great detail alongside the dedicated members of staff.

During this experience you will have the opportunity to mine your own piece of Blue John stone then clean, prepare and transform the stone into a piece of jewellery or decoration to take home. The Blue John Experience is great way to learn in-depth about the history of Treak Cliff Cavern and for enthusiasts interested in mining this famous stone. You will need to book this experience online in advance, find out more on the Treak Cliff Cavern website.



Treak Cliff Cavern Museum is a great place to discover more about the cavern, the history and take a look at some raw Blue John. The museum also has old mining equipment which demonstrates how mining has developed over the years. A permanent collection of Blue John pieces is also on show in the museum, here you can see rare items, large ornaments, jewellery and much more.

Gift Shop

When visiting Treak Cliff Cavern the gift shop is a must see, with lots of gifts made from Blue John stone including exclusive one-off jewellery pieces, specimens, rocks and fossils from around the world. The shop also has some great pocket money items for children to purchase. Take a look at the online gift shop where you can purchase items to be delivered.


Treak Cliff Cavern is located in Castleton in the Peak District, the cavern has a large carpark which is free for visitors of the attraction. The Peak District National Park is home to a number of attractions including Heights of Abraham, Chesterfield Museum and Art Gallery, Chatsworth House and many more. If you’re planning a trip to the Peak District National Park, why not stay over in one of our conveniently located hotels.