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Heights of Abraham

As one of the most popular attractions in the Peak District, The Heights of Abraham is a must visit for anyone who is looking to take a break. Set in the town of Matlock, The Heights of Abraham has a number of attractions, including the popular cable cars which take you up to the Heights. This is where you can explore the pathways that made up the original Georgian Savage Garden.

Cable Cars

The cable cars are a great way to see Derwent Valley and the stunning views of the Peak District. The 12 cars reach a peak of 169 metres (554ft) and are used to transport passengers safely to the top. Sit back, relax and take in the views as you are safely transported to The Heights of Abraham.


As one of the most popular attractions in the Peak District, The Heights of Abraham is a must visit for anyone who is looking to take a break.

Show Caverns

Included in the cable car experience is a spectacular tour of the caverns where you can explore what’s left of the 17th Century mines. During the guided tour you will learn all about the miner’s experiences and the 350-million-year-old history that transformed the caverns into what they are today. There are two caverns that are available in the tour, The Masson Cavern and The Rutland Cavern. Each tour takes around 45 minutes. The Rutland Cavern tour is slightly shorter and has less steps.

Tinker’s Shaft

The Tinker’s Shaft provides a phenomenal viewing platform over the Masson Hill so you can imagine first-hand the changes that have taken place on the estate over the years to bring it to where it is today. Information cards explain the history, the view is a must see!

The Fossil Factory

Bringing fossils to life, The Fossil Factory details the history of fossils and interesting facts this allows you to learn how they were discovered and formed over time. For all of the animal fanatics you can view the fossilized remains of a Giant Ichthyosaur a prehistoric reptile and one of the largest animals to have ever lived. The Fossil Factory also features a film which showcases how the landscape of Derbyshire was formed.


Adventure Playgrounds

There are two adventure playgrounds in the estate which cater for all age groups, the play areas consist of a range of slides, climbing walls and play equipment. Nestled in the trees are the popular giant slides, a big hit with the kids.

These are just a few of the attractions at The Heights of Abraham, there are many more areas to explore and regular events. You can explore everything this Derbyshire attraction has to offer and book your tickets on The Heights of Abraham website.

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